Breed description

Breed description
Blue Texel Sheep and Badgerface Texel Sheep are heavy meat sheep with excellent muscle development over the entire body. The sheep have a characteristic ‘beam-shaped’ physique. They are proportionate, well developed animals with a high degree of meatiness. They have strong legs and a lively, inquisitive nature.
The rams are ready for tupping and fertilising at six months. The ewes are ready for annual lambing at the age of one. The targeted reproduction rates are a 1,4 lamb average for one-year-old ewes and an average of 2 lambs for the older ewes. The ewes generally have wide pelvises, and are therefore known to be easy lambers.
Blue and Badgerface Texel Sheep have excellent carcass composition with a killing-out percentage of at least 55% and an optimum fat covering. Both at home and abroad, the Blue Texel is a renowned terminal sire.

The Dutch Blue Texel Society
The Dutch Blue Texel Society protects and serves the interests of her members, who breed Blue Texel Sheep or Badgerface Texel sheep. This studbook is an association of approximately 240 members with a board, a breeding committee, inspectors and a breeding administration. With the formation of a breed society in 1983 for these sheep in Holland (Stamboek Blauwe Texelaars), numbers have now risen to 6,500 sheep in 240 flocks. Recently the Badgerface Texel sheep, a color mutation out of Blue Texel parents, is also fully registered. The herdbook is closed, which means it doen't accept other breeds, except for fully registerd White Texel sheep of NTS, TES or TSNH origine. Also the society continues to register Blue Texels born to purebred white Texel parents.
An example of representation of our members consists of representation at the ministry and participation in a sheep herdbooks in the Netherlands. Also with regards to public relations, the studbook takes the lead. For example, we are present on the Day of the Sheep and we organize a biennial national show. By 2017 we will do this together with the NTS and TSNH, the studbooks of Dutch White Texel sheep.

The daily board consists of five persons (chairman Rolf Scholtens, treasurer Niels Groot Nibbelink, secretary Co de Wildt and members René Bolmer and Eise Boersma). Next to the board an important role is for the herdbook administration, done by ms. Carla Vissers. She makes sure the database and animal records are in order and she answers all the daily questions for the Dutch members. The breeding committee advises the board regarding breeding issues such as:
- what are the caracteristics of a typical Blue Texel or Badgerface Texel sheep?
- hereditary microphtalmia in Texel sheep, do you have to do genetic testing of purchased rams?

Do you want to join the Dutch Blue Texel and Badgerface Society?
With a membership for foreign breeders, you will be able to use Falcoo Online. With this program you will be able to look at the breeding records of every Dutch Blue Texel breeder. This foreign membership will cost 30 euro / year. 
For questions regarding membership, please contact Niels Groot Nibbelink by email