Breed description

Blue Texel Sheep and Badgerface Texel Sheep are heavy meat sheep with
excellent muscle development over the entire body. The sheep have a characteristic ‘beam-shaped’ physique. They are proportionate, well developed animals with a high degree of meatiness. They have strong legs and a lively, inquisitive nature.

The rams are ready for tupping and fertilising at six months. The ewes are ready for annual lambing at the age of one. The targeted reproduction rates are a 1,4 lamb average for one-year-old ewes and an average of 2 lambs for the older ewes. The ewes generally have wide pelvises, and are therefore known to be easy lambers.

Blue and Badgerface Texel Sheep have excellent carcass composition with a
killing-out percentage of at least 55% and an optimum fat covering. Both at home and abroad, the Blue Texel is a renowned terminal sire.

Blue Texel

The colour of the Blue Texel can
vary from dark to light gray. The by-mix of white wool occurs in different ratio’s, resulting in different colouring of the flank and chest.

Desired is a so-called halter: an H-shaped marking of white hair on the head surrounding the nose.
But there is much variation within the pedigree; there are animals with a dark head and white eyespots to animals with lots of white and a small area of black hair. They can also have white hairs on the edge of their ears. Blue Texel sheep must also have white hair on their front legs.

Badgerface Texel

The Badgerface Texel was introduced in 1991. The breed originated from a heritable change in the colour pattern of the Blue Texel. The Badgerface Texel is an integral part of the flock book.

Badgerface Texel Sheep are mostly black but have a white belly, a white mirror (perineum), and a white chin that can run down to the abdomen in the form of a white stripe. The inside of the tail and ears are also white. They have two vertical white stripes above the eyes that can vary in length. The legs are brown with a black stripe on the outer side.